Meditation Course

Meditation is a relaxing practice that helps you to let go of stress and refocus your mind.  There are many different forms of meditation and they all can have a slightly different effect and result, depending on the type of practice you follow.

The main goalbenefits-meditation-(1) when meditating is to quieten or still the mind.  This is because the mind  can generate stressful or anxious feelings and meditation can help to reduce a lot of  nervous energy and anxiety. So to summarize, meditation is:

 ‘A state of deep peace, which is attained when the mind is silent or focused  on one simple thing and is in the present moment 

The other benefit of meditation is that it helps those that practice it regularly to ‘live in  the moment’.  This is part of the philosophy of Buddhism or Mindfulness, which  suggests that we pay attention to the present moment only, as much as possible.  The art  of meditation is perfect as a support for the practice of Mindfulness or Buddhism, as a  way to help us to let our thoughts go and focus only on the present.

Throughout this powerful course, you will find exercises and guidance on how to  practice various forms of meditation.  It is important to try all of the exercises so that you  can answer all of the course questions. It will also make it easier for you to choose  which type of meditation suits you the best. This course will introduce you to the main forms of meditation and help you to decide on the type of practice you would like to follow. This course also covers how to become a Meditation Practitioner or teacher, setting up your own Meditation classes and groups and how to market them.

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