iPhone Magnetic SmartCase

Protect your iPhone with a Magnetic Smartcase Cover

Super strong, the SmartCase cover is durable, tough and will protect your phone from day-to-day bumps and knocks!

iPhone SmartCase cover comes in red or blue!

Your Smartcase has a handy magnetic backing, perfect to stick on the fridge as a kitchen timer or to easily read recipes!

AND a convenient earphone cord wrapper that will neatly wrap and fold your cords away to prevent tangles!

Enjoy the hardcore iPhone protection without the bulk of other covers

Easy to slip into your jeans pocket or your bag and fits comfortably in your hand!

Made from high quality materials, your SmartCase iPhone cover protects your phone and gives a peace-of-mind other covers can’t offer

Don’t risk breaking your iPhone and be stuck paying off an expensive contract while using your broken phone – protect it with the SmartCase cover!